Bleeding disorders don’t quit. And neither do we.

Care for patients with bleeding disorders is a relentless balancing act between patients, caregivers, and specialists. PromptCare stands ready for patients with hands-on attention, reliable follow-through, and around-the-clock availability.

  • Access to all blood factor products, including limited distribution products
  • Fast, streamlined onboarding process
  • Nationwide availability and payor network
  • Dedicated community resources and support team
  • Infusion nurses and pharmacists skilled in treating bleeding disorders
  • Continuous clinical monitoring and support
  • Pharmacists and nurses on call 24/7
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Bleeding Disorders We Treat

For patients requiring specialty infusion therapy and medication support, we provide care that puts the individual needs of people at the center.

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We treat patients with various bleeding disorders, including:

  • Hemophilia A, B, and C
  • Von Willebrand disease (VWD)
  • Hemophilia and VWD type 3 with inhibitors
  • Stuart-Prower factor deficiency (Factor X)
  • Factor XIII deficiency
  • and more…

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